Who we are

SalusCon is an independent consultancy specialized in developing, implementing and conducting solutions for healthcare. The consultants have proven experience in

  • healthcare provision and utilization performance supervision
  • coordinating health services
  • strategic business planning
  • resolving organizational, administrative, management and marketing challenges for all types of healthcare organizations
  • analyzing healthcare related work flow processes in order to improve providers’ infrastructures
  • research and teaching in the whole field of healthcare management and particularly in healthcare administration studies

What we offer

The consultants offer their expertise both in Germany and internationally. They improve their clients’ resource consumption by eliminating ineffectiveness and inefficiencies, unnecessary costs and by assuring permanent quality improvement for the patients benefit.

To do so, we provide business concepts and management services in healthcare of any kind, such as the

  • management of healthcare provision and utilization
  • risk management
  • development and implementation of further education programms for healthcare professionals
  • crosslinking of entrepreneurial activities by bringing together manufacturers, medical contractors, suppliers and hospitals, Group Purchasing Organizations and particular healthcare and pharmaceutical benefit management organizations

How we work

We work with a broad network of experts in medicine, law, healthcare provision and facility management coming from related companies, hospitals, insurances, suppliers and universities. The conceptualization and integration of the experts’ networks is part of SalusCon’s business.

The selection and subcontracting of experts depends on the particular service and the intentions of clients.