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Healthcare is one of the most challenging services for individuals globally. It is not only crossing borders, but culture, legal regulations, ethical conventions and highly specialized knowledge and skills as well. It is providing people better chances to stay healthy, to ensure access to advanced medical care and treatment, to help for chronically ill and is to support for disabled individuals.

Besides of offering treatments and services based on best evidence based knowledge and skills, nowadays healthcare is in need of best management practice, too.

In this respect two entirely different perspectives have to be considered. The first one – the macro perspective – relates to a region’s or a country’s ability and established mechanisms enabling access to healthcare for citizens, both nationals and expatriates as well. This perspective raises issues like the responsibility for protecting people from harm, for providing assess the medical care and for finding solutions for coping with the individual and social consequences of chronic diseases and disablement. In this perspective the question on a nation’s self-understanding and its preferred way of life has to be issued for successful management….